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Sumbangan kepada pengenalan ini dengan maklumat semua menyeronokkan dan membantu pengguna lain menemui terbaik Pasir Ris, : anekdot, gambar, video, perkara yang biasa dan makanan, monumen dan tempat-tempat bersejarah, menyengat terkenal, filem fimed dalam Pasir Ris, ...
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Anda akan terdapat idea pengeluaran, aktiviti masa lapang dan perkara menyeronokan yang terbaik dalam 265 cadangan dalam 10 miles daripada Pasir Ris di Singapore. Anda dapat menemui Pasir Ris : perjanjian tempatan, lamam imej Bandar di, laman semua Pasir Ris, temui pengguna puluhan teratas untuk Pasir Ris. Ikuti tempatan kegemaran anda untuk mendapat promosi dan mesej, undi untuk tempat yang paling disukai. Anda boleh melanjutkan carian ke semua aktiviti di pekeliling di Greater Singapura, Singapore.


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Pasir Ris

Tempat Pasir Ris dalam 10 miles

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Wild Wild Wet Waterpark  (Pasir Ris, )
Wild Wild Wet Waterpark disenaraikan di Water Parks. ...
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Pacific Marine Aquaria  (Pasir Ris, )
Established in 1990, we have grown from a small local retailer to one of the major players in Singapore now. Our fortes are Marine Life Imports, Exports, Wholesale, Office, Residential ...
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Swift Singapore Pte Ltd  (Pasir Ris, )
Swift Singapore Pte Ltd is a privately-owned enterprise whose owners are financial independent with keen interest in exotic flora and fauna. They are reputed to have kept some of the ...
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Downtown East  (Pasir Ris, )
A self-contained entertainment district, Downtown East offers a comprehensive mix of over 40 food and beverage, entertainment and specialty retail outlets. For thrills and spills, head on down to Escape ...
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Pasir Ris Park  (Pasir Ris, )
Right in the eastern part of Singapore is a favourite family weekend spot. This coastal park of some 71 hectares includes a six-hectare mangrove swamp traversed by boardwalks for visitors ...
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etch&bolts Geylang etch&bolts  (dalam Geylang, , di 5 miles)
etch&bolts is a Singapore one-stop furniture store that creates beautifully crafted furniture, that last. Quality guaranteed. We aim to marry art and furniture, to bring everyday living to a higher ...
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SE Automobile Investment Ang Mokio SE Automobile Investment  (dalam Ang Mokio, , di 7 miles)
We are a money-lending company that provides legal financial assistance. ...
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E2Max Orchard E2Max  (dalam Orchard, , di 8 miles)
Located at level 9 of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, E2Max is the largest e-gaming haven for the youth and young-at-heart. Offering the latest computer and video games to DVD movies, e-gaming ...
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The Changi Museum Changi The Changi Museum  (dalam Changi, , di 8 miles)
A beacon of hope for the hopeless. The Changi Chapel, housed within the open-air courtyard of the Museum, is a symbolic replica of the many chapels built during the Japanese ...
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Jitterbugs Swingapore® Orchard Jitterbugs Swingapore®  (dalam Orchard, , di 8 miles)
A dance and entertainment lifestyle company in Singapore and the region, building communities in Lindy Hop, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Jazz, Hip Hop, and offering performances, social parties, free classes, ...
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The Theatre Practice CBD The Theatre Practice  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
The Theatre Practice is a theatre company firmly rooted in our home yet fixated on the world. We continually introduce classic gems, while also encouraging original creations; we strive to ...
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John and Josephine Dance Creative CBD John and Josephine Dance Creative  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
John and Josephine, or more affectionately known as J & J started their dancing careers nearly two decades ago. In 1999, the John & Josephine Dance Creative school was set ...
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Singapore City Gallery CBD Singapore City Gallery  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
See the whole of Singapore from a unique vantage point, right under your feet! An exclusive, a gigantic and incredibly detailed 3D architectural model that gives you a panoramic view ...
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red dot design museum CBD red dot design museum  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
Preview how our future will evolve with an exhibition of award winning design ideas from more than 20 nations! ...
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Raffles Hotel Singapore Marina South Raffles Hotel Singapore  (dalam Marina South, , di 9 miles)
Declared a National Monument in 1987, the hotel has grown from strength to strength. With its restoration and reopening in 1991, Raffles Hotel today stands as a jewel in the ...
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Carlton Hotel Singapore Marina South Carlton Hotel Singapore  (dalam Marina South, , di 9 miles)
Carlton Hotel is strategically located at the crossroads of Singapore’s busiest financial and convention centres, and the arts, culture and shopping haven: Raffles City, Orchard Road, Marina Square Shopping Centre ...
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Desert Roses Belly Dance Studio CBD Desert Roses Belly Dance Studio  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
Bellydance for fitness,confidence and fun! Our studio is at Chinatown MRT.SMS Lily @ 97523028 and Book a FREE TRIAL belly dance fitness class now!
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DanceThrob LLP/RpMerleon Studios LLP CBD DanceThrob LLP/RpMerleon Studios LLP  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
The Professional DanceSport Trainers of DanceThrob/RpMerleon Studios have a combine total of 5 decades of dance career and Pele & Robin still go overseas yearly for training under those top ...
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Ecnad Project CBD Ecnad Project  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
ECNAD burst into life as Dance Dimension Project in 1996 and transformed the contemporary dance landscape in Singapore. ECNAD, which is dance spelt backwards, was incorporated in 2001 to show ...
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Belly Dance Discovery CBD Belly Dance Discovery  (dalam CBD, , di 9 miles)
We are the Biggest Bellydance School in Singapore who runs more than 100 hours of group bellydance classes in a month over the 3 studios. We do not run any ...
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