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La sélection Musées de Singapore

Voici la liste des Musées à Singapore. Ce sont les activités Musées publiées sur les communes de Singapore
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red dot design museum CBD red dot design museum  (CBD, )
Preview how our future will evolve with an exhibition of award winning design ideas from more than 20 nations! ...
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The Changi Museum Changi The Changi Museum  (Changi, )
A beacon of hope for the hopeless. The Changi Chapel, housed within the open-air courtyard of the Museum, is a symbolic replica of the many chapels built during the Japanese ...
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Fort Canning Park  (CBD, )
Established way back in 1859 as an arms store, barracks and hospital, Fort Canning contains precious memorials of Singapore's early history dating back to the 14th century and Sir Stamford ...
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Singapore Philatelic Museum  (CBD, )
Both stamp and non-stamp collectors will delight in the extensive collection of local and international stamps, and first day covers housed in this quaint building dated back to 1907. Stamps ...
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Singapore Mint Coin Gallery  (CBD, )
Love makes the world go round... or is it money? The Singapore Mint Coin Gallery houses an impressive collection of coins, medals and medallions from all over the world. ...
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Singapore Art Museum  (CBD, )
Housed in a restored 19th century mission school, the Singapore art Museum (SAM) owns the largest public collection of over 7,500 20th century Singapore and Southeast Asian artworks in the ...
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Royal Selangor Pewter Museum  (CBD, )
At the Royal Selangor Pewter Museum, you will be treated to a private collection of 75 items ranging from tobacco boxes, oil lamps, intricate Chinese lanterns with lotus motifs to ...
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Republic of Singapore Navy Museum  (CBD, )
Military and marine enthusiasts will be captivated by the exhibits at the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum - antique marine equipment, historic photographs, even details of sophisticated, high technology missile ...
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Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum  (CBD, )
The Air Force Museum captures the spirit and heritage of the Republic of Singapore Air Force. The Air Force Museum is a must-see. ...
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Peranakan Museum  (CBD, )
The museum will explore the historical and ethnological dimensions of Peranakan culture, including both their material legacy (e.g. Silver, porcelain, jewellery, textiles) as well as intangible heritage (e.g. Language, food, ...
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National University Singapore Museums  (CBD, )
At the Western end of Singapore lies a jewel of artworks and cultural artifacts. The NUS Museums at the National University of Singapore house a treasure trove of Asian art ...
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Nei Xue Tang  (CBD, )
Buddhism is one of the religious pillars of the East. Nei Xue Tang’s priceless collection of Buddhist art works pays tribute to devotees, with Buddhist artifacts, relics, antiquities and art ...
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National Museum of Singapore  (CBD, )
Designed to be the people's museum, the Museum prides itself on introducing cutting edge and varied ways of presenting history to redefine conventional museum experience. ...
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MINT Museum of Toys  (CBD, )
MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys), the world's first purpose-built museum for toys, opened in Singapore in May 2006. The museum showcases an extensive collection of vintage toys, ...
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Malay Heritage Centre  (CBD, )
Discover the role of Kampong Gelam as the centre of Islamic learning and literacy in the late 19th century, where Muslim immigrants form the Malay Archipelago stopped to buy supplies ...
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Images of Singapore  (CBD, )
Step back into 14th century Singapore with a little help from the 21st century! At this museum, life-size figures, rare artefacts and state-of-the-art technology bring the sights, sounds and smells ...
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Hua Song Museum  (CBD, )
Hua Song, meaning "In praise of the Chinese Community", is a museum that brings to life the rich heritage that overseas Chinese around the world share. ...
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Chinatown Heritage Centre  (CBD, )
The Chinatown Heritage Centre occupies three shophouses at the ethnic quarters of Chinatown, newly restored to house memories and untold stories of Singapore’s early forefathers. ...
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Asian Civilisations Museum  (CBD, )
As its name suggests, the Asian Civilisations Museum focuses on the heritage of Asian cultures. ...
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Art Retreat Museum  (CBD, )
Amidst the hustle and bustle of Ubi Techpark lies a sanctuary for contemplation known as Art Retreat. ...
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